I wanted to take a minute here to talk about my excitement for the Free Pick and informational videos we have been running on Pregame the past few weeks. Over the Summer, we did not produce as many, it is a slower time for the biggest sports, and we had some change in personnel. But with Football now upon us, as you can well see, we are back in the studio on a weekly basis and getting back into the routine full time.

I have been having a great time shooting the videos with Bryan Leonard. Brian and I have been friends ever since we met a couple of years back but to get to spend some time with him each week now and soak up his excellent abilities with College Football is a real treat. Maybe it was destiny for Bryan and I to be paired together in the videos as he won The Gaming Today “Brawl For It All” football contest last year, and I finished in second. Bryan & Brady, it did not take long for us to come up with the incredibly creative moniker for our video pairing as “The B Team.” Haha!

And that brings me to “The S Team” of Scott Sprietzer and Steve Fezzik. I have watched the videos this duo has been putting together recently and am really enjoying their dynamic as well. Scott is so well versed in so many sports and has the radio background that translates very well to the camera, while Steve is Steve. Funny, sarcastic, a movie reference savant, and of course, we all know his prowess for NFL football, line movement, and advantage playing. These guys have a very good thing going so far and I look forward to more excellent videos from them.

If we could get Chuck to change his name to Khuck, we would could have “The K Team” and the BKS trio of video teams, like BK’S Golf.. but now I am getting way out of hand! Ken and Chuck have been friends and an outstanding handicapping team for many years, having entered many contests as a duo, and of course, doing the traditional Friday Night rundown of every game on the card on Ken’s SportsXRadio show – now carried on the Yahoo Sports Radio Network. I love listening to these gentlemen as I feel they bring different styles of handicapping to the table but work so well together, it makes for a very informative segment, whether it be radio or video.

So I hope that all of you are enjoying the new line ups as much as I am. I think it makes for a great mix of styles, strengths, and ultimately a great forum for sports information with the diversity that exists between the three pairings. Maybe we can add a couple of additional locals to the video schedule in that of Teddy Covers and Dave Cokin, which would be very appropriate during football season seeing as they would be “The TD Team.”  Two drink minimum, tip your waitress, I’m here all week.

Let’s all have a super football season and continued video success. I support each and every one of these guys in their respective areas of expertise. You know for me it is about Golf and NFL Football and football is what is immediately in front of us. If you are interested in following me this NFL Season, this low price won’t last long.

  • 2014 NFL PreSeason 4-and-2 (67%)
  • 2013 NFL PostSeason 8-and-2 (80%)
  • 2013 NFL Monday Night 6-and-2 (75%)
  • 2013 NFL Up 23+ Units Overall




Hope to have you on board. I can’t wait as I know it is going to be a blast.

Thank you and have fun,


Brady Kannon