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Image of golf course Cascata in Las Vegas

If you love to golf, then Vegas is calling your name. Wait . . . Vegas? Not Scotland or California? As it happens, Vegas has a large number of great courses all in one general vicinity, making it easy to hit up several on a single trip. These offer unique links, great views, and challenging games to whoever comes to play. Still not convinced that sin city is the place for your next golfing vacation? Here are four good reasons that golfers around the world flock to Vegas:

1.  It’s one of the golf capitals of the world – Most dedicated golfers know that Vegas leads the U.S. in its golf scene, and is a world player as well. Numerous U.S. golf pros come out of Vegas and those who hail from elsewhere spend extensive time testing themselves on the Vegas golf courses. It could be said that golf in Las Vegas is more than just a sport or hobby – it’s a way of life. That’s because Vegas has made a point of developing some of the most respected golf courses in the world and supporting the golf community with everything you need to succeed: great equipment, great coaching and great clubs. Add to that the year-round perfect weather and you have the recipe for a golfers’ haven.

2.  Packaged Vegas golf trips deliver more value – Heading to Vegas for a golf trip gives you ultimate flexibility and value. You don’t need to know the local scene intimately to make smart choices about which courses to play: your trip organizer can assemble lineups based on your skill level and preferences. More than that, these golf packages include stays at world-renowned hotels, plus transportation to and from the nightlife that Vegas is famous for. A packaged trip can be scaled to any budget and is a great way to experience golfing in Las Vegas while saving big money.

3.  There is a course for every play style – Although Vegas is famed for some of its extremely challenging golf courses, not every course in Las Vegas is designed only with seasoned pros in mind. Las Vegas is home to hundreds of golf courses, which run the spectrum from forgiving to fierce. In addition, different play styles will find a home on different Vegas courses as well, from those with massive risk/reward setups to those that demand neck and neck competitive play.

4.  Vegas has so much more to offer – Golf is just part of what you’ll experience when you spend your vacation in Las Vegas. From live stage shows and great bands to casinos and night clubs, Vegas won’t disappoint!

Have you golfed in Las Vegas? What was your favorite course?


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Every golfer knows that Las Vegas is a major destination. The chance to golf in Las Vegas gets many players’ pulses beating, from casual golfers to pros. But what exactly makes a golf trip to Las Vegas so great? Here are four factors that make it stand out from other options:

1.  Endless selection of high-quality courses – Almost no other place in the world can boast the sheer number of golf courses in one area that Las Vegas has. But Vegas doesn’t just win out in terms of quantity – the quality of the greens in Las Vegas is off the chart! The Nevada gem and its surrounding desert are home to numerous world-class golf courses, many of them designed by the biggest names in golfing history. Pro after pro is born on the lively and challenging links of Las Vegas, and any serious golfer will enjoy what they find when they make their pilgrimage to Sin City. In fact, the only drawback to golf in Las Vegas might be that there are too many great courses, and most golfers will find they want to come back several times to try more.

Golf course just outside of Las Vegas

2.   Entertainment and nightlife – One difficulty with planning a great golf trip is that many golfing destinations have relatively limited options for recreation outside of the sport itself. You won’t be golfing at night and you’ll want to enjoy all of your vacation, not just the time spent on the golf course. This is an area where Las Vegas outshines its competitors. We all know that Vegas is famous for more than golf, but it’s not just the excitement of the casinos that awaits you after you finish 18 holes. Las Vegas has acclaimed music and stage shows, unforgettable restaurants, and some of the best nightlife in the world. You’ll find that golfing is only part of what you love about Las Vegas.

3.  The price – It’s true that Scotland is the Mecca of golf and that there are many beautiful golf resorts in the tropics. But for any avid golfer residing in the U.S. or Canada, those destinations involve an expensive (and lengthy) flight. Las Vegas may seem like a whole different world, but it’s right there in our backyard and flights are affordable—leaving you a bigger budget for all the fun stuff you want to do when you arrive.

4.  Options for every level of player – Las Vegas golf packages can be tailored to many levels of play, for those looking for casual fun to those who want to test their limits. Some of the best packages involve a little bit of both.

Have you had a chance to golf in Las Vegas? What are some of your favorite courses? Call or contact us at BK’s Golf Services for recommendations on the best Las Vegas tee times to suit you!

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Is there anything worse than getting sick when you’re on vacation? After months of saving money, making flight and hotel arrangements, and using vacation time at work, you end up spending your vacation sick in bed and miserable. Sometimes sicknesses just happen for seemingly no reason, but vacations are actually the perfect conditions for them. Your daily schedule is different, you may not be eating the best foods, and you’re putting a lot of stress on your body. If you want to stay healthy and enjoy your Las Vegas vacation, make sure to keep these tips in mind:

Don’t forget to sleep


When most people are on vacation, the last thing they want to do is slow down and get some rest, but it’s important if you want to stay healthy. In Las Vegas, there is a 24-hour party happening, but if you cram too much in, you’ll find yourself worn out quickly. You’ll have the best vacation possible if you’re well rested and able to enjoy it. Try to squeeze in a nap when you can, and don’t make every night out a late night.

Remember to stay hydrated

This tip is especially important when you are planning on spending time playing golf in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a desert climate and, during the summer, it isn’t uncommon for the temperatures to get into the triple digits. Some people can forget about the intense temperatures because of the air conditioned casinos and the dry heat, but if you don’t drink enough water, you can easily get dehydrated and possibly faint or even experience heat stroke. Always make sure that you have enough water during the day, and if you plan on golfing, try to limit your alcohol intake on the course.

Watch what you eat

There are countless critically acclaimed restaurants in the city, so don’t plan on getting your meals at cheap roadside stands and other questionable locations. Food allergies and unhygienic food preparation methods can make your meals unpleasant, so make sure that you choose where you eat wisely. If you have any food allergies, look for restaurants that you know will be able to accommodate you.

Check your medications

If you take any medication, see if you have any sun sensitizing drugs. These are medications that can cause side effects when people taking them are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Las Vegas is famous for its long and sunny days, so see if you could have any adverse side affects from being in the sun for too long.

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